The POWER of being Unique

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It doesn´t matter how much we try, we always are bombarded with new products: the latest cutting-edge smartphone, high-tech devices and every season we come across short-lived fashions which drive people mad and make them waste their money in items that don´t reflect their characters, and, dare I say it, their uniqueness.

So how can we hold our ground and have the guts to show our colors, like Ghost St. Patrick from Power.

We must take ourselves seriously if we want to make ourselves note, if we want to live as we are and interact with people in a way that expresses our ambitions.

As everyone knows, fashion is a great part of showing that we are not like the others. In this world, everyone wears their urban- style clothes as if they were uniforms, which kills our personas and therefore goes against the basis of hip hop culture: being free from societal restrains.

See, people take you Simon at face value, me I will have to transform to meet everyone’s expectations constantly 

So how can we create our style so that we depict our inner strength? Don’t worry, here at Único we know that you’re one of a kind, so we put across brand new products that will make you walk in the streets like you owned them.

Take a look at the newest products that we have put together: bright colors against the dullness of black or white, in-your-face designs, breathable comfort for your daily ordeals and for your night life, juvenile, yet dark concepts which transmit an idea of lost nostalgia through our  rakish cartoons: whether you feel upbeat or whether you just aren’t into it, we have a style for you.

So, feel free to check our new products, and remember: attitude is just about uniqueness.

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